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Ving Tsun Kung Fu Center mainly deals with kung fu, more precisely, Wong Shun Leung / Philip Bayer style of "Ving Tsun" (Chinese boxing), which is easy to learn, it is direct and efficient in combat. Ving Tsun can not be classified as a sport, nor as a pure martial art. It's much more like a craft that anyone can learn. Although each student teaches the same principles and system, individuals develop their own Ving Tsun based on their individuality and physical condition. This makes Ving Tsun a highly individual system and gives everyone the chance to expand their physical and mental boundaries. W.T.K.F.Center also offers efficient self-defense programs called "W.S.D.-Self-Defense for Women" and "K.S.D.- Kubotan Self-Defense".

W.S.D.-Self-defense for women is a program made by Sifu Uglješa Jovanović with the help of Sifu Radoslav Ćurčić, head coach of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Kuen Club from Novi Sad, who has years of experience in self-defense for women. The program is designed to help women who are weaker sex to learn self-defense elements very quickly and efficiently, which they can use in situations of robbery, kidnapping, rape...

K.S.D.-Kubotan self-defense, a program taught through system by Sifu Branko Mičić, chief instructor "Ving Tsun Austria" from Vienna, who has many years of experience in fights with kubotan, he gained by managing security for facilities and people around Vienna. "Kubotan" is a key ring, created in the late 1960s, and made primarily for self-defense. It was named after the man who made this device, Soke Takajuki Kubota.

Ving Tsun Kung Fu Center has a gym that is equipped with punching bags, punch-pads, wooden dummys and long poles, butterfly swords and mirrors,... V.T.K.F.Center has everything you need for good and quality training, you just have to come with the will for training and good mood...


As an introduction to Ving Tsun techniques, beginners start with self-defense techniques. After that, learning is continued with the learning of forms, movements, blocks, technique on a wooden dummy... Each training starts with warm-ups, switches to drills and various exercises, then to the techniques of the Ving Tsun. Techniques and exercises are always adapted to the level of knowledge of the participants and no physical readiness is expected for the beginning of the training.

To start with training, the only thing you need is clothes in which you feel free, such as the sweatpants or shorts, the shirt and the clean shoes. Ving Tsun is a weaponless self-defense system and does not require any additional equipment. All that is required of the equipment is in the gym.

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This type of training is done privately, 1 to 1, of course, with this kind of training, progress is fast, because instructor devotes himself fully to the student, and such training is done by arrangement with the instructor, because training is not necessarily held in the gym of V.T.K.F.C., but on the location by agreement, as well as the training time. For further information, ask the head instructor of the center.

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Sports Association "Ving Tsun Kung Fu Center" is dedicated to spreading the skills of Ving Tsun Kung Fu, more precisely Philipp Bajer's style of Ving Tsun, in the area of Belgrade, chief instructor of the center is Uglješa Jovanović.

V.T.K.F. Center was opened as a branch of the "Chinese Boxing and Martial Arts Academy Dragon" from Sremska Mitrovica, under the patronage of Sifu Nenad Koviljac.

Braće Jugovića 2a (basement),
11000 Belgrade (Old City)

   +381 65 33 63 633